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One, two, three strings.  A few years ago, I found myself home alone drinking a supremely delicious glass of wine, turning an average Tuesday into an awesome Tuesday night. I corked the bottle after a glass only to find out a few days later it was a $60 bottle of wine. whoops. hubby not happy. We developed a system –

ThreeStringsWine_LogoFinal-04 one string wine means it is a bottle best enjoyed with friends;

ThreeStringsWine_LogoFinal-04ThreeStringsWine_LogoFinal-04two strings means “special occasion wine;” and

ThreeStringsWine_LogoFinal-04ThreeStringsWine_LogoFinal-04ThreeStringsWine_LogoFinal-04three strings wines are stored with a “DO NOT OPEN” before some super-duper special occasion. And age appropriately 5-20 years.

Every day table wine doesn’t wait for a string – drink immediately.  Now my friends ask expectantly when I come over “is that a string wine?!” well, of course it is!

This blog reflects my current obsession with wine, particular with small producers in California.  I don’t just like to drink wine, I like to smell it (Is there any better smell than a glass of Sonoma Coast pinot?), taste it on my tongue and mouth, discuss in detail how it is made, where was it grown, and learn about the person, family or chateau responsible for the glass of perfection.

Any wine featured on my blog was chosen by me.  All of the photos are taken by me on my trusty iPhone until I figure out how to use my Nikon.

About Me (Rachel)

A native of Wilmington, North Carolina, I’ve been working in foreign policy in Washington, DC for 20 years.   I completed the WSET 3 advanced course and am a Certified Sherry Wine Specialist (CSWS). I am currently taking the Italian Wine Scholar course.  I continue to self educate on a daily basis. I am especially fond of small producers of balanced California wines but am learning to enjoy the old world, as well as wines of Chile, Australia, South Africa etc. Feel free to reach out to me at Rachel@threestringswine.com. Cheers!


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